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Welcome to Umbra Roleplaying!
We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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More plot wanted than smut in plays. Less erotic content within the roleplay experience. (Always discuss with your partner the potential for NSFW content.)
Writers involved are looking for individuals to play any gender of character (Read below for Details).
Looking for Roleplays only within the Private Conversations area of the site. (Please note that all areas of the site are subject to the site rules on RP)
My preference on communication:
Please contact me via Direct Message (link)
Aug 21, 2022
Hi all,

I'm PriorSage, or Prior, or Sage, whichever name you prefer. It doesn't matter much to me. I have been roleplaying for well over ten years now, dangerously nearing on fifteen (talk about feeling old...).

Without further ado, let's get this whole thing started, shall we?

The basics:
- First and foremost, I only play female characters. I simply cannot, for the life of me, play a decent male character as my main. However, shall they appear as side characters, I am more than happy to play them. That being said, I am happy to play against any and all gender (or lack thereof).
- I can do anything from 2-3 paragraphs replies to 1000+ words. It all depends on my partner's preferences, the scene at hand as well as the chemistry we have.
- I may write third person present or past, or even first person, depending on preferences.
- The speed at which I answer may vary greatly depending on what is going on in my life; however, rarely will you go more than a week without hearing from me, be it a proper answer or OOC. I do try to let my partners know when I might be unable to reply for a little bit, and I do greatly appreciate when they do the same (it simply eases my anxious mind). I might give you a gentle nudge after a week without any news from you; please don't take it personally. I just like knowing the state of things.
- You are always more than welcome to come to me OOC if anything is bothering you within the roleplay. Don't like my answer? Think I might improve something? Constructive criticism is always welcome. After all, I want the experience to be enjoyable for you too.
- I have a very strong preference for private messages. However, should your idea be tempting enough, I might be persuaded to take it to public threads. I do not use Discord, for I simply forget to check my messages on there.

The specifics:
Regarding any limits I might have, I will say this: they are far and few. However, this does not mean I have none.
- Any permanent bodily modification to my character must be discussed OOC before happening.
- I have no interest in anything bathroom-related.
- I'd always rather discuss something I'm unsure about OOC before incorporating it into the roleplay. If you ever hesitate, please do send whatever you are thinking of my way. I will, of course, extend the same courtesy to you; if I believe whatever I might be writing may cause discomfort and has not been cleared OOC first, I will contact you.

The pairings and plot ideas:
After all's said and done, what else is there left to discuss but potential plots and pairings? Here are some things that may help us get started on this journey together. If any of them catch your eye, please do send a private message my way. It would be lovely to discuss them together.

These are only ideas, not necessarily tied to any specific plot (though if you do ask, I can always share what I might have had in mind behind those).

- Royalty x Knight
- Nurse x Soldier
- Anything enemies to lovers
- Demigod/God x human
- Immortal being x mortal
- Assassin x target
- Kidnapper x victim

Many more ideas where that might come from, but I do not wish to flood my request thread with only pairings. Please do inquire if you have any questions, or if you want to hear more of them!

The plots below might not be as detailed as they could be to allow us creative freedom while discussing.

1. Her Presence, Their Burden
Wrong place, wrong time. MC was not supposed to be home; if everything had gone according to plan, she would have been out for the weekend, leaving the house empty. But a last minute change of plans lead to her staying in... only for YC to discover that as they stepped in the house. Of course, fighting ensues, leaving YC to figure out what to do with MC, who ruined any plan they might have and any chance at a simple , uncomplicated job.

2. The Ruler's Prize
Set in a more fantasy-based universe, this plot follows two rival kingdoms at war with one another. MC is the queen of one of these, alongside her husband. However, the outcome looks dire for their people, as they simply do not have strong enough of an army to face the troops marching upon their land. Forced to abdicate, the king is killed. MC, however, is to be kept for specific reasons... be they the other ruler's affection for her, or a display of their power.

3. Us Against the World
Two people, brought together in less-than-ideal circumstances, must act together to save the world as they know from a threat that is bigger, more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. While one holds the power to take down this evil without even being aware of it, the other must act as their protector as they navigate the whole situation, making sure that they live long enough to fulfill the prophecy.

4. With Love
MC is a celebrity of sorts. Ultra popular, more niche, that is for us to decide; but YC has become fond of her. Too fond, in fact, to the point where they decide they must have her for themselves, and themselves only. Thus begins the dark and twisted plans slowly building in their mind, to ensure that she is kept safe from all that is wrong with the world... Because who better to protect her than them?

As a general note, I am more than happy to provide a writing sample to my potential partners should they request one. If they do wish to send one my way, great! If not, no worries at all.

My request thread is posted in both the erotic section and the non-erotic section of the forum. If possible, I would love for you to specify whether you are looking for a more smut-centered RP or plot-centered RP, just so I know where we might be headed.

Hoping to hear from you,
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