Everything You Need to Know About RTs and the Approval System~

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We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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Hello and Welcome~

You might find yourself here if you have a general inquiry or you've recently asked a question that Staff has answered a lot of during these times of change, and frankly, I'm tired of repeating myself--especially since it's posted in many different places on the site. (Writers that don't read just make me roll and shake my head). But alas, we continue to get the same questions on repeat and sometimes multiple times by the same people. I mean, hey, I forget shiz all the time, no harm done, but... I need to find a better solution for answering these said questions. So here we are, and I hope I can answer your questions in a form that will leave you with some perspective and satisfaction, at the very least, understanding.

Here we go!

~ How long does it take to get my RT approved? ~

Anywhere up to 24 hours.
It is literally stated on the pop-up before you post your RT, you've clicked a checkbox. It says up to 24 hours. I do my best to be on at least twice a day, but sometimes life happens and I have a demanding schedule. If you are on a tight schedule and have limited time to be onsite waiting, please do one of these things,
message me (this notifies me offsite), Pokes work as well, and brings me here to address issues,
make your edits in advance to give me time to get to it.

(May expand, we are always looking for solutions).

~ My RT disappeared! ~

It's in the Queue waiting to be approved. It's only visible to Mod and Admin level staff while in this state.

~ My RT has already been approved. Why is it back in the Queue? ~

Edits are also subjected to the Approval System.
Reason: We've had people get approved and then try to sneak in our Site Rule breaks and request: underaged mains, beastiality, straight-up solicitation, etc. It's not happening. Unfortunately, this affects the entire site (staff included) and seems as a large inconvenience for its members, but I assure you it's in the best interest of the overall safety of this community.

~ I forgot to Bump my RT when I edited. ~

NO worries, I got chu~ I already Bump RTs after I've approved them. I know you've been waiting very patiently and I appreciate you~ I won't let you get buried Boo~

~ Why can't I reply in RT's? ~


This function was disabled.
An update based on previous complaints about other members posting on their RTs when specified not to. We, as admins, disabled responses within that forum entirely. We received so many complaints for what felt like years, so this is our solution. This occurred in 2022.
Please reach out to the poster via Conversations or PMs, there is a conveniently labeled link at the bottom of the post.

~ Why do I see multiple replies in RTs if they can't be posted in? ~

I have the ability to merge threads, which is why you see multiple posts in one thread. Whether it is from prior of 2022, when the forum closed responses. You may still see RTs with multiple posts because I have merged existing content with a new RT that was in my queue.
If I find multiple threads of content under the same user, I will merge it or move the old material to the RT Archive. This is also posted in RT Rules: One RT per User, per Section.
No exceptions, sorry loves ^^
Please edit or delete away all existing content you don't want visible anymore (or request old stuff be moved to the Archive) and update your tastes as they change or have new inspirations.
Please don't copy your RT, erase the old one and paste the new one. Over and over again... Just Bump! You didn't even edit it! You know who you are and I see you lolz
Side note on this: Items in the queue are ordered by POST date, not edit date, and new RTs are at the bottom. Food for thought for you senior members still doing this shiz.
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~In Requards to Multiple Threads~

We request one RT per section, per user. Please.
User 1 thread in Erotic, 1 thread in plot, user can have multiple group requests!
Please Edit and bump all existing material OR request your old material be moved to the RT Archive section so you are in compliance with this anti-clutter rule.

~What goes in the RT Archive?~

Anything you don't want up anymore. As well as: Deleted content (You can't see it, but I can), content created by Banned members (you're not coming back, bud, sorry), content created by self-deleted-members (we assume you're not coming back), content created by Sleeping Umbrans (we would want you to come back, but after 2-3 years the content will be moved), RTs that are no longer relevant to the creator's current searches.

~ How often can I bump? ~

There is a 3-day timer.
This gives other users who are looking for partners a chance to be seen and prevents Bump spamming. (Yes, it used to be an issue.)

This thread may still be incomplete, new questions may yet arise. Give this a reaction if you found this to be helpful.

Thank you very much for your time and thank you for being a part of the Umbra community!

Angel~ of Umbra Staff ^^ Signing off~
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