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Looking for a dominant Woman/Futa


Welcome to my thread.

The name's Floof
I'm looking for some new roleplays! I'm going to keep this thread as simple as possible.​

My Roleplay Rules
* I usually write 2/3 paragraphs with each a minimum of 3 lines. If i'm given more to work with my replies will definitely be longer. I'm not a huge fan of very short replies because of the lack of detail.

* I write in the past tense, in third person.

* Would love to talk OOC to discuss anything we'd like to add or change! Communication is important for me, please notify me if you're going to be absent for a while.

* I only play bottoms when it comes to intimate scenes. However my characters can be dominant or submissive. Their personality doesn't revolve around their position in bed.

* I'm looking for long term roleplays! Preferably with a smut-story ratio that lies in between 50/50 - 70/30

* I'm rather open for a lot of things when it comes to kinks or taboo subjects. However here are a few things i'm not okay with: Scat, Piss, Vomit, Suicide and Self harm.

* I can either Roleplay in PM's, Forums or Discord. Just tell me what you prefer!

Plot/Pairing Ideas

Current interest
I'd love to play a small, submissive male that gets totally dominated by a futa female. There's a lot of pairings that go with this. I think it would be hot if we'd go with a younger brother x older sister, or hell.. Even mother x son. I think it's adorable when the boy is a lot smaller than the futa, so she can just squish him like a little baby. I'm also up for a bunch of other pairings! Perhaps something like a succubus x human? Or even teacher x student! If you have any other ideas, i'd love to hear them.
As much as i love smut i'd at least like to have some form of story as well!

That’s it, if you’re interested please PM me!​