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Welcome to Umbra Roleplaying!
We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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My preference on communication:
Please contact me via Direct Message (link)
Jan 25, 2023
Hi everyone! I've decided it's time to post my thread and hopefully find a couple of partners to write with. As the prefix suggests I mostly write MxM pairings, however, I am trans* friendly so non-binary/enby/queer characters are completely fine with me ❤ You'll find below most of my information, but if there is something you'd like to ask specifically please just reach out! I want to keep things short and sweet, the complete opposite of the characters I write ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑

(Alternatively, if you feel a bit too shy to reach out, just throw a like on this thread and I'll send the first message)

  • I like to write dark, gloomy men with issues, and enough red flags to populate an entire amusement park and then some.

    ⨵ Third person POV
    ⨵ Minimum of one paragraph (I try to keep it at least 150-200 words) and I'd like my partners to try to do the same.
    ⨵ Been writing for 10+ years (usually short stories/fanfics/world-building)
    ⨵ I work full-time, usually 7-3, time zone GMT-7 (I do get some downtime often, so I pop in here and there even during work hours)
    ⨵ I don't RP fandoms, but similar settings can be used.
    ⨵ When it comes to face claims, please use a drawn reference.
    ⨵ I do write smut, and I find it very fun! I will add a list of my top 10 favorites, my 10 maybes, and my hard limits below (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

    ⨀ Favorites: Sadism/Masochism, Dub-con, size difference, age difference, fangs/sharp teeth, monsters/supernatural beings, dark themes, possessiveness/jealousy, rough sex, restraints.

    ⨁ Possible, depending on the RP & partner: Omegaverse, male pregnancy, polyamory, non-con, pegging, hypnotism/mind control, power-bottoming, breath control, pseudo-incest, gore (and many more, just ask if you aren't sure).

    Absolutely no: Watersports, ageplay, animals/ferals, puppy/pony play, vore, cuckolding.

    I'm not going to nitpick grammar or spelling, as I get that English isn't everyone's first language/forte. As long as it is understandable, we're game baby.

    Genres/themes I really enjoy:
    Supernatural (Especially vampires, werewolves & demons)
    Romance (Historical, dark)
    Fantasy (High, low, urban, paranormal, fairytale retelling, dystopian)
    Comedy (Slice of life/rom-com)
    Enemies to Lovers

    When it comes to characters and roles, I like to write as the top/dominant partner. I find it more fun for me when my characters take control! I can write as vers/switch and bottom/sub, but it's not my first choice. If there is one thing I love, it's a brat. Give me a back-talking, witty little shit. PLEASE
  • My preferred role, if there is one, is emboldened.

    Vampire - Vampire Hunter
    Serial Killer - Potential Victim *
    Detective - Detective
    Werewolf - Dog Lover
    King - Unlikely Suitor
    Villain - Hero*
    Supervillain - Villain
    Prince - Prince
    Amnesiac - Caretaker
    Ex Father-in-law/Ex Step-dad - Son
    Demon - Angel

    * = I have one or two plots in mind already
  • Not Another Isekai!
    Y/C is suddenly thrust into an unknown world full of rules and magic they don't understand. Without a way to get back, Y/C has to rely on their own wit to hopefully survive in a wondrous and confusing place that is now their new home. Oh, and what's that... Y/C is being followed? Let's hope M/C is only there to help.

    My Way or The Highway
    (Historical Romance)

    A tale as old as time, a marriage proposal made without the input of the two to-be-wed. In order to secure his future M/C has to marry despite his disinterest, or suffer the consequences of losing his titles to his younger brother. As the second son Y/C is being used as alliance fodder, or at least that's how it seems, to further Y/C's parents' social standing.

    The fun game of: Is it ghosts or just an old house

    All their life Y/C has been told by others to stay away from the old manor at the end of the road. Many claim it to be haunted, cursed, or at the very least infested with diseased vermin. Y/C has little choice, however, as they foolishly accepted a job offer in order to save up some much-needed cash. M/C, the owner of the manor, has left the property in disarray for far too long and is now suffering the consequences as the house is beginning to fall apart around him.

    Baby, Don't Cry
    (Slice of Life/Enemies to Lovers/Comedy)
    Y/C & M/C, two college students, have been at each other's throats since the first day they met. It's almost expected for the two to interrupt classes with their bickering, but the professor has had enough. Fed up with their antics, the two are assigned to work together for their final and are forced to live together as a faux couple while raising their 'child', a robotic baby doll.

    Keep in mind, that themes and genres can all be mixed and played with. I just put what I thought would fit best at the moment.

    Come & Stay for Dinner
    (Thriller/Psychological/Gore/Serial Killer x Drifter)

    A stranded hitchhiker finds themselves in need of shelter as a bad storm looms ahead, unfortunately for them, the closest shelter happens to be the isolated home of a calculating cannibal. Can they survive the next few days to wait out the weather, or will they become part of next week's appetizers?

    Essentially my sick little version of Hannibal Lecter.

    Glass Cage
    (On the run/Dystopian/Sci-fi/Post-apocalyptic)

    The son of one of the world's leading scientists is expected to learn the ropes, which means getting to know all the disturbing details about what goes on behind closed doors at The Facility, where the afflicted go, but never leave. It was supposed to be a swift visit, a glance into his rapidly approaching future. So how on earth did he end up here, on the run with a 'patient' who claims that he's been lied to his entire life? It's time to find out the truth, and it doesn't look like it's going to be pretty.

    This one could go so many different ways, pathogenic outbreaks, genetic engineering, magical eradication/extraction, etc.
  • "You're a genius, I could just kiss you!"
    "Do it."
    "Do it, coward."

    "Can we start over?"
    "From where? We were doomed from the beginning."

    "Well... you've already broken into my home and bled all over my carpet. You might as well stay the night."

    "Listen, I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend!"
    "Just the weekend?"

    "How on earth did you become so insightful?"
    "Trauma mostly."

    I'll change these up often.
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