Hello G'Day Everyone

Hello there,

I am Tarnished Moonlight, I am an avid role player who uses roleplaying as a means of helping to recover from some serious head trauma that I suffered when I was younger. But that is something that is in my past now. When it comes to roleplaying, I prefer fantasy and sci-fi settings to most other genres, but that not to say that I won't try any genre that my partners would like to do, I am also fairly skilled with Fandoms and Crossovers... With that being said, I am a sucker for romance and try to find a way to work it into any roleplay that I do.

Outside of roleplaying, I love mountain biking, base jumping and rock climbing. But my biggest love of all would have to be surfing. I do spend time gaming with my friends, but that is often a case of four of switching off on weekend game binges where we trade off every six hours on long games like Skyrim and other massive games.

Hope to find some new friends on here.


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Moonlight, you're interesting as hell ^^ Welcome to Umbra! Glad to have your addition to our merry band of writers here and I hope you enjoy yourself <3


Hello! Please allow me to welcome you to Umbra! I applaud you for utilizing writing as a way to recover from your situation. I am doing the same after having a stroke.

I wish you an amazing time meeting new people and writing some great stories! Have a great time!