Kiss, Spank or Fuck the user above you.

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We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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Deleted member 675

This game is pretty simple. You can choose one, two, or even all options for the member above you.

Please be respectful about this game and don't be so abrasive towards another member. Be considerate, as well.

Since theirs no one above me, the next member will start the game. ^^
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I guess I'll start

I'd probably Spank. Or a polite kiss on the cheek
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I'll be a gentleman and kiss the lady's hand. She's a married woman after all.
Mmmh, I don't know maybe a lil spank.... if that would even work.
Is he the tax man? Representative...?
Doesn't sound quite right to me....

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