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Moon Light's Request Thread

Moon Light

Lecherous Writer
Greetings and welcome to my request thread! As of now I'm not really looking for additional partners but I'm always ready to make friends and brainstorm new ideas. I do have a variety of genres that I like to write and I seem to always have writer's block while making a RT... so this is a work in progress.

  • Pairing: MXF

  • I will always play male as my main role. I can and will play other characters suited for the story which will be a mixture of male, female, and other species/creatures.

  • I rather play with female characters. Our characters travel together either as great friends or lovers.

  • I can do between 1 - 3 paragraphs depending on the situation.

  • I do not use fancy vocabulary. I don't keep the story lamens but I don't use words that you and I have to look up in a dictionary or on google.

  • I'm going to be upfront and state that I do not write novel quality for each post. I do, however, give good detail and give my partner something to work with so we can keep the story moving forward.

  • I also am a busy person. I have a lot going on in life and I can't sit in front of a computer and RP all day. I wished I could, alas I can't. I can manage easily 1-3 paragraphs daily, maybe even a couple of times a day depending on time.

  • I do not god mode. I will not think or act for my partner's characters unless discussed beforehand.

  • I can and don't mind including smut. I do not have a ratio of what I prefer because it depends on the story and mood. However, we do not have to include smut at all or it can be totally smut-based.
What I like to include in my fantasy stories is a lot of exploration. We set out to explore the world. During our travels, we meet a whole lot of new races of people and creatures, find magical items, both enchanted with good and cursed with evil, solve mysteries of ancient civilizations, and so on. I like to throw in a bit of sci-fi in as well. For example, finding a portal to alternate dimensions, possible time travel (nothing rediculous but a few years into the past or future.)

I have no plots laid out for this genre yet.

Science Fiction is a genre where I mostly play fandom. Much like my fantasy genre, I love the idea of exploration. Especially space exploration, exploring new worlds, and meeting alien life.

Fandom Plots:

We are the new crew of the Intrepid NX-07. The ship underwent a huge refit that added a secondary hull to the vessel shortly after the Earth - Romulan War in the year 2161. My character is Captain Jason Lambert. The role of the first officer/science officer would be the female character. The mission is much like any other Star Trek mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations.


We are the crew of the USS Excelsior - A constitution class refit pre-TMP. The Excelsior was the first ship to get the phase II to upgrade and the prototype ship was sent on her maiden voyage to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations. During the course of the story, the ship will encounter references from the Star Trek: The Original Series such as the crew of the Enterprise and so on. My character will be Captain Johnathan Jamison. The female character would play as the ship's first officer.


Sliders the TV show inspired my love for science and electronics - as well as the urge to want to write about it. For those who do not know what Sliders is... I will explain it. Sliders is the term used when a person opens a vortex to an alternate universe 'parallel universe' where it's the same planet and the same time but everything else is different. A world where Elvis Pressley is still alive. Or a world where you are evil and wanted by the FBI. The premise is the 'sliders' have lost their way home and they have to slide from dimension to dimension; hoping to find their homeworld. In this RP, I would like to do just that. I do not wish to copy the original series plot but there isn't a reason to have a story unless you are simply lost and trying to return home. We can brainstorm the plot.


Romance is a wide selection for me. I do not have any ideas for this genre yet. Most of the time, I like to brainstorm with my partner and go from there. The idea of romance, for me, is that you can't exactly find it. It sneaks up on you and takes you for a ride. That's what the beauty of romance and love is all about. I love a really smutty romance. In fact, all of my plots are smut based. The smuttier the better.

Professor x Student
  • Your character is a student that is failing a class and really needs the credit. What will she have to do for the professor to earn her good grades?

Neighbor X Neighbor
  • A new neighbor moves into the neighborhood. Upon meeting, our characters realize that they need more from each other than simply borrowing sugar...
  • Your character moves in next door to mine. Your character is 21 years old and lives a sheltered life with her family. She has no freedom or friends in the new place they live. Our characters meet shortly after and both have grown a lustful affection for each other and decide to start sneaking off in the middle of the night to satisfy their cravings...
  • It's 2am. My character has been drinking. Your character has also been drinking and decides to join him when she sees him standing outside. They barely know each other but share some drinks and quickly hit it off...
  • My character has been noticing your character for quite sometime now. He often saw your character sunbathing in the front yard in a bikini. Other times he saw your character in a bikini washing her car. One day he offers to help her... but it's not with washing her car...
  • Ask about NSFW Plots in PM. I'm also open to other plots.

Boss X Employee
  • My character hires a new secretary to assist him with office work. He finds out quickly that she's really good at her job.
  • My character is a night manager at a retail store. The new hired flirty cashier catches his eye...
  • My character is a manager at a corporate electronics store and catches his accountant stealing money from the drawer. He should report her to corporate... unless she can do something for him that will make him keep quiet...
  • I'm also open to other plots.

Employee X Customer
  • My character works at a retail store. Your character is a customer that has shopped there for a couple of years. My character has the hots for her and finds her irresistible. With his lust now over flowing, he finally decides to show her how hot she makes him...
  • My character works at a retail store and catches your character stealing. He confronts her... what can she do to get out of that situation and avoid being arrested?
  • My character is a pizza delivery driver. He knocks on your characters door to finish the job; only to be greeted by a woman in sexy lingerie that is hungry for more than just pizza...
  • My character is a handy man that was hired by your character to do odd jobs around your house. Once he arrives, he quickly realizes that he's not there to repair anything...
  • Bartender has the hots for one of the customers that visits the local bar on Friday nights. She makes his drinks extra strong and pops a proposal to him that makes her come back from break late...
  • My character works retail and has went out of his way to help your character. Your character decides to take him out for lunch... but not for food...
  • Your character stops at a gas station for fuel. My character finds her attractive and convinces her to go the back room with him on his break.
  • I'm also open to other plots.

Hired Help x Farmer's Daughter
  • My character is hired by a farmer to assist in the family farming. While there, my character meets the farmers daughter that is very sheltered and is very curious about men and intimacy...
  • Ask about NSFW Plots in PM. I'm also open to other plots.
Ex Boyfriend X Ex Girlfriend
  • Your character was dumped by her boyfriend. She takes comfort in spending quality time with his bestfriend...
  • My character finds out that his girlfriend was cheating. He decides to move out of their apartment and leave for good until her very attractive mother confronts him and makes a sensational apology for her daughters behavior...
  • My character decides to break up with his cheating girlfriend and get sweet revenge with her sister...
  • Your character finds out that her bestfriend was dumped by her boyfriend for which your character has a huge crush on. This gives your character an idea to hook up with him...
  • Our characters catch our boyfriend/Girlfriend cheating on them with their boyfriend/Girlfriend. So our characters decide to not inform them that they know. Instead, they plan to film some erotic videos to send them them during movie night one night...
  • I'm also open to other plots.

Random Strangers Encounters
  • My character is walking down a quiet street and meets your character sitting on the ground against a tree next to a dark building. They talk. They flirt. They continue to walk down the street... What fun can two strangers have in public, in the dark, in the middle of the night?
  • It's night time and my character is hanging with his friends in a parking lot. One of the people among his friends is your character that decided to hang out somewhere new that night. My character and yours instantly taste lust and sneak off behind a building to fulfill their desires.
  • My character and his friend travel to visit his friends family. Once they arrive, my character feels awkward sitting there while his family and friend talk and have a great time. That is until his sister that my character has only known for less than an hour invites him outside to take him on a tour... but it's not a tour of the outside...
  • Your character is spending the night at her bestfriends house. Her best friends brother lives with her and is only a year older than yours. Two of the three people in the house didn't get any sleep that night...
  • Our characters get stuck on a broken down elevator. Upon learning that it will take hours for them to be rescued... they decide to find a fun way to pass the time...
  • My character walks into the wrong motel room and finds a nice little surprise inside... your character... and she invites him inside to share a room for the night.
  • Ask about NSFW Plots in PM. I'm also open to other plots.

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Hello! I'm very interested in the Enterprise Era Star Trek plot. I'm a huge ST fan and used to RP on a full-blown Star Trek forum. Really missing those days and have some character ideas I'd like to give life to. PM me if you're up for it!