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Seeking Any Mix of Romance, Drama, and more!

This RP includes the following:
This can be bxb, gxg, or bxg as well as a polyamorous roleplay. I'm a SUB/ POWERBOTTOM, if we end up doing a polyamorous roleplay then you will be playing TWO characters.


Omegas were becoming scarce in the stone creek pack, and as they became scare their pack was willing to do anything to get more and more omegas to breed into their pack. It wasn't a good situation, but it was their only option as of yet. The pack consisted of two alpha heirs as well, two brothers, twins that were in search of a mate. The deal with their alpha father being whoever has a suitable male heir first would become alpha. So of course the twins were searching for a possible mate as they had turned of age to have one.

Well, they weren't successful in finding their mate(s). Not until their next birthday.. Their father had grown tired of waiting for them to get a mate, and made a twisted deal. He had went to a different pack, and managed up a deal with that pack. The dealing being my M/C sold for cash. Y/C father had paid money in exchange to have M/C as a slave to Y/C.

That was their gift, which is M/C. Their father had managed this deal because in M/C's pack no one wanted them around. They were terribly hurt in that pack, and considered a runt, and the lowest rank. That's why M/C was sold off. The plot starts with Y/C finding out they didn't get an ordinary birthday.