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Seeking Female Characters [M for F] ∆ long-term, slow-burn ∆ modern scenarios

My preference on communication:
Please contact me via Direct Message (link)
Brief Introduction

Hey there, browser!
Welcome to my little corner of BlueMoon!
Going by Torruption online, but feel free to call me Torr instead,
or you could just go with Oliver, if you think that
addressing someone by their username feels awkward in the first place!

- long-term and trying to be literate

--> English isn't my first language, but I promise that I'll always try my best!

- you'll always get at least one paragraph from me, and more depending on what I have to work with!

- story, but with smut, definitely can do with some slow-burn as of late

- all characters must be at least 16 years of age

- I can take on a sort of GM role for you, or we simply share the side characters as we see fit

--> optional, but I'm cool with some light god-modding, just to inch each other in the direction we have in mind​
Status - Open

Age: 24
Time zone: CET
Writing style: Third person, maybe first
RP locations: PMs & Threads
Post length: matching, one - multipara

So, what am I looking for?

Most importantly, modern scenarios, preferably ones that are taking place in high school or college age settings! Beyond that, I absolutely love coming of age, especially when the focus is set on the female character's point of view. Some of the themes which I like to explore through these types of scenarios will be expanded upon in more detail in the prompts listed below, but as a CW; the more extreme "kinks" involved in my stories include stuff like cheating, substance abuse, toxic relationships, shame/embarrassment, watersports. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of room here for everything else you might find on my F-List. I just figured that I should get the more niche interest stuff out of the way in thread, so that everyone is informed about my required scenes, perhaps saving us from the realization that we aren't a fit after all hours into setting things up. To make things simple though, take a look at my F-List -> the more we have in common, the better of a match we're going to be.​

All that feels good.
Themes: rough sex, virginity, cheating, drugs/alcohol, smoking, corruption, watersports

The main character of this particular scenario would be late high schooler girl. By all standards one of those pure girls, but not necessarily her true nature. She comes from a stable family, one that made sure to educate her about all the dangers in the world, and thus she stayed away from things like alcohol, smoking and drugs; too concerned with harmful side effects to try any of that herself. Sure, there was a curiosity inside her, but thanks to the fact that her friends weren't all that into the idea of substance abuse themselves, she never really got close to these things anyway. She's currently in a relationship with one of her classmates, but he isn't really her type. They've been dating for over a year by now, but don't really have that much in common. Breaking-up with him isn't really a thing on her mind though, since there isn't anyone else she likes that way anyway. Her high school as a distinct lack of bad boys, skater boys and surfer dudes; some stereotypes she has a soft spot for thanks to the movies she watched and books she read growing up. No one really knows about said preferences though...

There are two starting points for this story. The first would see her attend a summer camp with some of her friends, though excluding her boyfriend. During her time there, there wouldn't really be anything huge going on between her and someone else, but she would meet some boys who would manage to spark her interest in them more than her current boyfriend does. It's more of a set-up prologue for the main relationship of the story, but I figured it might still be fun to play through it anyway. Maybe you guessed it by now, but the second starting point would simply skip this little prequel chapter and just start off at the start of her next school year instead. There's going to be a new arrival in her class, someone who had to transfer after his previous school kicked him out for reasons of bad behavior and skipping school, but as if he didn't learn anything from his experience, said newcomer is nowhere to be seen once again. Soon enough she would run into him at the local skater park, and not long after she'd be drawn in by his extroverted charisma and rebellious side. Trying to awaken something similar inside of her, he shows her what being happy in life truly means. After getting her guard down, he starts teaching her more and more about how to feel things that she has never experienced before, some sensations physical, some mental, and some of which are only achievable through the help of various substances.

Now for some of the fetish scenes which are already planned to be included in this:
  • far down the line; pregnancy and lactation (now optional)
  • cheating behind her boyfriend's back
  • her being watched peeing
  • him peeing onto/inside her
  • throwing up a little during blowjobs (now optional)
  • farting (now optional)
  • pubic/armpit hair
  • substance abuse
  • footplay
Not quite an angel.
Themes: rough sex, drugs/alcohol, smoking, dub-con, non-con, age gaps
Born into a christian family, the main character of this scenario is anything but that. Extremely intelligent, but impressionable, thanks to the lack of healthy parenting around the issues of sex and drugs, lead her to find an escape from her boring, religious life through the pleasures of exactly those taboos. Thankfully her parents never caught wind of any of that. Let's be honest though; smart as she was about it they never had a chance to anyway. Well, and with that she had the best of both worlds - she was the darling of her parents, them still thinking of her as their little ace student and responsible daughter, while she enjoyed whatever pleasure she could encounter whenever she had some time away from her family's traditions and the dreaded Sunday morning church.

She comes across some douchebag student at the college she applied for. At first their short but rough encounter is filled with nothing but distaste for each other, though once they meet for a second time that friction becomes more than just aggravation. Suddenly their bickering is beginning to double up as not-so-subtle flirting. Well, not like they could go further than some cheeky fuck you-complimenting in public due to their age difference, but out of sight, out of mind certainly did not apply to either one of them.

Now for some of the fetish scenes which are already planned to be included in this:
  • age differences; her and the college student, her and the therapist her parents send her to
  • toxic relationships, leading to dub- and non-con
  • substance abuse
  • humiliation
  • footplay
  • currently not terribly fleshed out, so I might add more stuff from my F-List later