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Let's create stories! Looking for more partners.


[bcolor=#00ff00]Hello Everyone,[/bcolor]
[ ~ I am looking for more partners to create stories with, I enjoy writing a lot. I wake up to my morning coffee and I begin reading and responding to my partners. I love starting my day off with our stories. I am also more than just a writing partner, I am someone that my partners can freely talk to especially if they have had a bad day, I am a great listener. I am always looking for new role play partners. I am not interested in a whole role play about sex, I love there to be a story, I love romance. I love supernatural stories as well, I play a lot of Xbox games so my imagination is pretty big. Lately I've watched a lot of new shows, my friend got me into anime. I always like to respond to my partners at least a couple times a day, but like everyone else I do have a real life, and sometimes I can't always get on, but I usually send my partners and OOC message saying if I am going to be busy and when I will be on next. I always try to post on my status as well so my partners always know what I am doing. Now if you are reading this please do not send me a message immediately asking me about smut, like I said before I do not mind sex being in our story, but I don't want our story to be 100% sex. I can't write like that, I need there to be more.
I'm on pretty much on everyday, I can respond pretty fast, I hope to write one to two paragraphs with my response.
If you don't like any of my plots please feel free to message me anyway, we can always create our very own story. The whole point of role playing is brainstorming and creating stories with others. ~

[bcolor=#008000]~[/bcolor][bcolor=#008000] [/bcolor][bcolor=#008000]Plot #1 (Craving) ~[/bcolor]
Back when there were Samurai warriors a group of warriors were looked down upon even though all they wanted to do was help people, they slayed enemies and still they were called filthy dogs, they were even told to kill themselves because they didn't belong, this group's name was called the The Shinsengumi. This group had many different warriors Toshizo Hijikata was the vice commander of this group, along with many others in the group. The rarest person in this group was called Souji Okita - a warrior who used their sword with their left hand, because of this Souji was told they didn't belong as a samurai, however this was not the only reason they were criticized, Souji was also the first female Samurai. Souji was one of the best, Hijikata relied on her skills on the battle field, she protected her comrades with her life. The Shinsengumi was her family, this was the only home she ever knew, the only life she knew. Souji lived a hard life before she found the Shinsengumi, she learned to protect herself at a young age, she was always hungry. One day Hijikata found a child passed out in an alley, he took a liking to her and trained her, Hijikata never expected her to become a Samurai, he wanted her to be able to protect herself.
Years later the Shinsengumi's name had grown, after years of battle many knew that name, the civilians no longer called them dogs but warriors. Still Souji could never stop proving that she belonged, when ever she walked the streets women glared at her, they thought it was absurd for a woman to hold a sword, they called her many names a woman doesn't want to be called. Now that the Shinsengumi had grown they were often asked to protect rich people, high
commanders, anyone with money or a well known name.

[bcolor=#ff0000]Plot Idea #2 (Craving)[/bcolor]
[~ My character used to be a marine in the military, she was always away from home, but her family rarely knew where she was. While she was away her father and mother were killed. This news destroyed her, she fell to her knees when she heard the news and soon she left the military, she knew she was far to distracted to be the best soldier she could be. Her father was a captain for the police, she always knew he had people who didn't like him. When she returned home she found out that her father was killed by a gang, but she didn't know which gang. She grew angry knowing bad people had killed her family, anger took over and soon she began to dress up at night and she began hunting down gangs, hoping to find her family true killers. Soon she joined up with a group calling themselves the cities protectors, but the police began calling them vigilantes. Together she and these men took down bad guys, however she rarely allowed herself to kill anyone, but the others in the group killed, which only brought more attention to their group.
You're character can be a detective, a captain even an assassins who has heard of this group, his job will be to stop them, however this group isn't easy to capture or stop, with her being in their group, they had someone with military smarts. He runs into this group many times, but they always give him the slip. This will be a fun story to create with someone. ~

[bcolor=#993300] ~Plot Idea #3 (Craving) ~[/bcolor]
This will take place back in the day when there were Kings, Queens, Prince, Princess, Knights.
(You're character will be the king)
Our characters grew up together as children, they were both a Prince and a Princess, they played together everyday, they were very close until one day the young Prince had to return to his country with his father due to some threats against his father, the King. He vowed someday he and she would see each other again. They were both each others first loves even though they had both only been 10 years old. When the young prince returned to his kingdom he began his training to someday become king. Now so many years later the young prince was now 24 years old, but he was no longer prince, he had become king at the age of 16, his father was killed in battle. Though he was only 16 when he became king he had proved to his county that he was the right choice for his kingdom, he was strong in battle. Now as king he is harassed daily buy his noble men to find a queen to rule by his side and bare his children, however he did not wish to have some queen he did not love, but he knew he needed to find someone to rule beside him.
However the young Princess had also begun training to become queen someday, but one night her kingdom had been attacked by assassins that had entered the castle to kill her father, however her father had been gone, he had gone hunting, the princess had been sleeping in her mothers room one night after having bad dreams, soon she witnessed the assassins kill her mother, soon their attention turned to the young princess, they attacked her, but they did not kill her due to the royal guards killing the men, though the princess had not been killed, the knights were to late to save her from being raped. The princess held her mothers body in her arms, she cried and vowed to protect her family, she became a knight, after years of training she became one of her fathers royal knights. She was feared in battle when ever men heard her name (The Black Raven). Raven's father was embarrassed that the princess lost her virginity, he knew most men wished to have a virgin bride when they married, this was the way of the people for a very long time, so he allowed her to become a knight, knowing she'd never marry a king. The King always loved the princess, but he knew no King would ever want her, so he never introduced princes to her, or dukes, knowing they would ask about her virginity.
Plus part of the princess would always fear men, she had never let a man touch her since that horrible knight, she always had nightmares, she always remembered that night.
Now there is going to be a royal ball at her kingdom, and you the king have been invited, when he see's the kingdom name, this brings back memories of the girl he had loved when he was only 10 years old. He knew he needed to find a queen, and he thought this might be his chance to find his queen, and shut his noble men up. Though he did not stay in contact with his princess, he hoped she had not married, but if she had he still wished to see her once again.

[bcolor=#000000] ~ Plot Idea #4 (really craving) ~[/bcolor]
A long time ago there was a beautiful woman (My Character) she was a very special woman, she was half werewolf, half vampire, she was a very rare breed because she was not turned, she was born as both, her mother was a vampire, and her father was a werewolf, both told they could not create children until one day they were pregnant, they were warned if they brought this child into this world, she would forever be hunted down, humans never understood that not all vampires were monsters. My Character grew up running from hunters, until one day she met a Man, he was not human, he was a very powerful demon, when he looked into her eyes something inside him began to burn, it was his heart, wanting to protect her, wanting her to stay by his side. He vowed to protect her, which he did. He killed any hunter that dared even speak her name, he was ruler of many demons, many feared him. The only one he cared for was this girl, soon they both grew to love each other, they vowed to be together forever.
One day a very powerful hunter and his men went on a hunt killing demons and other creatures, this hunter was also the powerful demons friend, the hunter began to fight a beautiful woman who was protecting the male demons men, she was powerful, she was beautiful but soon his weapon was plunged into her heart, he watched as her beautiful eyes closed, he was very proud of himself for killing a monster, but when he found out who he had killed, he knew he had to run, but he did not make it far before the male demon ripped out his heart for killing the woman he loved.
However, even though his love was killed, he could still sense her soul, but it was very faint, a smile appeared on his lips "She is being reborn" he vowed one day he would find her in this world, and he would protect her.
Now, it has been 20 years my character had a hard life growing up with no family, she had been dropped off at a fire station when she was a baby, she was raised in an orphanage, she was born with her wolf side, but her vampire side was asleep, hidden away from this new life. Growing up, when ever someone would bully her, she would be able to protect herself with her strength, many bullies tried to beat her up, but she also had a male friend who protected her. It was the make hunter who had killed her in her former life, he too had been reborn with her, they grew up in the same orphanage together, he was like her older brother. Both had no memories of their former life.
Now 20 years old my character is attending collage, trying to live as normal of a life as she can, but still hiding her wolf side from the world, she was warned growing up that nobody would understand her wolf side, they would only fear that she was different. My character is did only attend collage, but she was a cop as well, she and the hunter worked together as partners on the force.
Now, the Demon can sense his lovers soul even more, he knows its time to find her, but he is not the only one who can sense her, other demons and hunters will be after her.

[bcolor=#ffffff]~ Plot Idea #5 (Craving) ~[/bcolor]
Your Character is a very powerful supernatural being, he can be what ever you wish him to be, vampire, demon anything. He is basically King Of his kind, everyone fears him because of how powerful he is, but he finds himself lonely, there are no women of his kind that he wants, none of them interest him, all want him but only because he is king. So one day he decides to leave his kingdom to find someone, or something that interests him and he goes to the human world.
My Character is a cop during the day but at night she fights crime in a sexy back leather outfit, he wears a motorcycle helmet to hide her identity, your character sees her in action and gets very interested in her, he wants her. He decides she will be his and eventually kidnaps her and takes her to his home, where he tells her she will become his wife, of course she will put up a fight, but when she tries to escape she realizes she is not in her city, and he is the only one who can keep her safe

[bcolor=#ff6600] ~ Plot idea #6 (Craving) ~[/bcolor]
Your character is a Prince or a King, or someone of high power, my character is a female knight, they grew up together since they were children, both treated differently but both remained friends. Now my character has been asked to become your characters guard/royal knight, to protect him and stay by his side. Of course our characters have feelings for each other, they have always had hidden feelings for one another ever since they were children, they even shared a kiss long ago. Now it's time for your character to find a wife, and my character stands by his side with every woman he meets, though it's killing her inside to think of him with another woman, but she knows she could never be his.
My character never shows him her emotions, she always remains strong while by his side, your character doesn't realize his feelings at first, he just see's her as his guard, basically he is a typical man not knowing his own feelings.

[bcolor=#00ccff]~ Plot Idea #7 ~[/bcolor]
My character is a detective, when she was young her parents had been killed, they had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, over time my character watched as police did there very best to solve cases and bring justice to families. The police did everything in their power to find the people responsible for killing her parents. My character joined the police force right out of collage, she worked hard and showed her skill, it did not take her long to ace the test to making detective. She always has to prove she is a good detective, especially to her male partners who find women to be weak. She works hard everyday to prove why it was the right choice to choose her as a detective.
She always spends her free time at the gym she needs to stay fir to be able to defend herself when she is bringing in bad guys.
(Your character can be whom ever you choose him to be.)

[bcolor=#ffff00] ~ Plot Idea #8 ~[/bcolor]
My character is a Female Knight, her family has been Knights for generations, her father had been in many battles, many hard heard his name, her father never had a son to take his place so she began training to become a Knight, to keep her family name alive. She was use to everyone always questioning weather she belonged as a knight, but she never got bored with proving why she was a knight. Many warlords and kings like to hire my character and her men to fight in battle for them, she has made a name for herself, many have heard the name of her and her men, they are called The Black Knights. Though to hire her and her knights was not cheap, but many warlords, and Kings hired them to help them in battle.
My character spent years being trained by her father, she even trained when she was supposed to be sleeping, she was not a normal girl when she was a child, she always watched her father train and fight, she knew from a young age that she wanted to be just like him when she got older. He gave her a sword at the age of ten, though she had a very hard time holding it, but soon she grew much stronger and could hold the sword up, once she was strong enough her father began her training, they would train for hours until she was so sore she could not lift her arms. Eventually she became just as good as her father, she could block all of his moves and even knock his sword from his hands, he was very proud of his daughter.
at the age of 15 she began fighting by her father's side, but he would keep her back at camp when there were big battles, she was still far to young for battle. As she grew older she joined him on the battle field and they fought side by side killing enemies, but one day her father was baldy injured in battle, he continued fighting until he could no longer stand, he did not survive his woulds, but he had enough time to tell his daughter how proud she had made him and how much he loved her.
My character continued to carry his name, and never stopped fighting, now she is 23 years old and have been in more than 50 battles, she has been wounded a lot but nothing had killed her, she continues to keep her father's name alive.

[bcolor=#00ff00]~ Plot Idea #9 - This Idea just came to me randomly, plus after an Anime I watched. ~[/bcolor]
My Character is human, when she was 5 years old she was attacked by a vampire, the vampire had bitten into her neck and had almost drained her of all of her blood, your character rips out the vampires heart and hold the unconscious child in his hands, he never understood how vampires could hurt children, he carries her to one of his old friends a retired vampire hunter and asks that he takes care of her, the old friend ends up raising the child as his own daughter, because when she awoke that night she had no memory of her parents or anything, she didn't even know her name, so he decided to adopt her and raise her. He had always wanted a child, and never had a wife, so this was perfect for him, plus she was the sweetest child he had ever met.
My Character is now a young adult (19) who is attending collage, she is unsure of her future, your character also goes to the same collage, but attends night classes with other vampires, of course the humans do not know that the night class is for vampires and werewolves and anything else supernatural. The head master running this collage is the Vampire hunter who had adopted the child so long ago. His dream is to teach vampires how to be among humans without wanting to hurt them, but of course not all vampires can be trained.
When your character arrives at the collage, he runs into my character, he feels like he had met her somewhere before, then when he finally meets the head master, he realizes she is that young child he saved so long ago. Your character is a powerful vampire, he is feared by many vampires.

[bcolor=#00ff00] ~Plot Idea #10 ~[/bcolor]
My character is a Detective during the day, and a vigilante at night. She lives in New York city one of the cities with the highest crime, she became a detective to fight crime, her parents had been robbed when she was a child, her father refused to give the criminals his wallet and her mother refused to give up her diamond ring that he had given her on their wedding night, this ended up with both of her parents being killed. My character grew up in many different foster homes, when she turned 18 she was finally out of the foster system and on her own, she got a job as a waitress then when she was old enough she went to the police academy, soon becoming a cop, she worked her way up to becoming a detective because she was very smart, and very strong. Though she had become one of the youngest detectives, she still felt like she was not doing enough to fight crime, so she started dressing in black at night and covering her face, she started small, taking down thugs and drunks, soon she became taking down drug cartels, and sex traffickers. Soon the all of the city had heard about the woman dressed in black, she was known as The Black Raven. She took down crime, as a detective and as The Black Raven.

Anime Shows I'd Love to write:
K Project
The Betrayal Knows My Name (absolutely love this show)
Kakuriyo - bed & breakfast for spirits
Phantom In The Twilight (Love this show)
Libra Of Nil Admirari
Noblesse: Awakening
Free Iwatobi Swim club
Vampire knight (my favorite Anime show.)
Dance With Devil's
Code Geass
Diabolik Lovers
Hiiro No Kakera
Yona Of The Dawn
Snow White With The Red Hair
Code Breaker
Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign
Maid Sama
Shattered Angels
Brothers Conflict
Fruits Basket
Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast For Spirts
Fairy Gone

Some Paring Ideas - Stories I'd Like To Create -
Vampire - Vampire Hunter
Vampire Hunter - Vampire Hunter
Vampire - Vampire
Angel - Demon
Vampire - Demon
Lycan - Vampire
Human - Vampire
Cop - Supernatural Being
Military - Assassin
Waitress - Military Man
Detective - Supernatural Being
Cop - Lawyer
Superhero (we can create our own)
Werewolf - werewolf
Kaname - Yuki (From Vampire Knight)
Kaname - my own character (From Vampire Knight)
Yona - Hak (From Yona of the Dawn)

!! Things I am not a huge fan of !!
Smut: Don't get me wrong, I love sex. I don not mind having sex in our story, I just do not like when the story is 100% based on sex. I love having a story with romance and a plot. So if you're only looking for someone who likes smut, then I am not the partner for you,
One Line Responses: I hate when I take my time and write a few paragraphs to our story and in return I get one line, it makes me not want to respond, of out as much effort into my responses if you're not even going to try. After all this is a site for us to write what ever we want, so why not write a paragraph or more?
Grammar: I am not the perfect speller, but I do try to re-read my responses making sure I spelled a lot correctly, I'd appreciate if you did the same. I just want to be able to understand what you have said in you're response.

Kinks: Please do not message me asking me this question because I will not respond, if you tell me you are interested in a story with me, then ask this question, I will end the conversation, because I know eventually you'd bet bored with me, since I like an actual story.
Girl On Girl: If you are female and ask me if i'd like to do girl on girl things the answer will be no, I am female and I do not wish to even pretend to be someone I am not. I am straight in real life and I will be strait in my our stories, I have tried to do this in the past and I am horrible.
I look forward to making new partners and creating stories. I am a very nice person, so don't be afraid of me turning you down.
Always feel free to message me with anything you'd like to try, I'm very friendly and would love to hear you're ideas. I am always looking for new partners.