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Introduction to the Umbra Leadership Team

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The Shadow Broker
As a means of helping you all get to know the team that is here to support you, this area will have an introduction to each of our team members and the roles they play on the site.

Assistant - An assistant is Umbra's first tier of staff. While they do not receive any extra privileges or abilities, assistants do many helpful things for the site. Assistants perform a variety of tasks including (but not limited to): welcoming new members, answering member questions about the site (or checking in with moderators/administrators if they are unsure of the answer), write site and/or writing guides, creating medals/graphics, and help create and manage site events. Duties for those in this category are open and malleable, so if you have a job you think would be perfect for an Assistant, please let us know!

Global Moderator - Moderators are Umbra's second tier of staff. Moderators have the ability to perform many helpful tasks around the site, such as moving threads, deleting posts, handling minor rule violations, community outreach and recruitment, and resolving member conflicts. They can also perform any of the jobs involved in the Assistant position.

Administrators - Administrators maintain the back-end of the site. They are third tier of staff. Administrators hold sole control over bans and major rule violations (particularly with age verification, ban evasions, and spamming). They are able to perform any and all jobs involved in the first and second tiers of staff.

With this all in mind -
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  • Rei:
    "Hey hey it’s Rei Rei!
    I am a professor from the East Coast. I’m married to a wonderful darlin’ named Jam! We’ve been married for about 4 years. I am a professor and have been a little lax on the active roleplaying side of things, but I’ve been with Umbra since the beginning. I play a lot a videogames, and love listening to music and watching anime. I’m a big fan of frogs, so if you ever see one, toss a picture my way ♥ I love them! I also love hearing about y’all! Tell me about ya! I can’t wait to learn! ♥"

  • Nevermind:
    Our darling site grandpa (note: Nev is not actually a grandpa) - living his best life right now, supporting the Leadership Team where he is able.
Global Moderators:
  • Practical:
    "Hi! I’m Prac and I love practical puns. In my private life I do private things, in my professional life I do professional things, and in this life I do writing things and moderation things.

    I am a Healing Coach for perfectionists and people-pleasers, love the outdoors, and think that life is best lived with a dog. I enjoy easy banter, great stories, and witnessing creative endeavors.

    Pop into my inbox! It’s usually open."
  • Merra:
    "Heeey, I’m Merra and I’ve been around since November -19, but I’ve always loved writing and reading, and I’ve been roleplaying for most of my life now. I also love making art, and love to see the stuff you guys create in the Art Sharing portion of Umbra! ♥ If you’re ever struggling with your muse, or need a bit of inspiration, throw me a PM, I’d love to help you there. ^^ I’d also suggest you keep an eye on our Events & Challenges, where we often hold little things to get your creative juices flowing ~ ♥"

  • Tink:
    "Henlo! I'm Tink, Resident Ace Queen! I'm a gamer and I love writing new romance stories, though I am purposely low on them for the time being. I'm in college at the moment, so my free time consists mostly of writing, playing video games, or watching TV. I also have an adorable dog named Frodo.

    Anyways, I'm pretty much always available, so feel free to message me for anything you need <3
  • A Play on Words:
    aka Knee! Our favorite joint - currently in the process of writing their bio. Ready and raring to bend where needed!
  • Lady Mothra:

    Hey there I’m Lady Mothra! I spend my time welcoming new members and when I’m not online, I’m working on my art or gaming. I love cats, own way to many coffee mugs and listen to my music way to loud lol. Plus spending a lot of time with my wonderful hubby and the life we made together plus it’s fun to have your husband as your Rp buddy. Feel free to drop by my profile for a chat.
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