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Goodbye I'm taking a break.

This could be a profile post, but I feel like I need to go a bit more in depth than I can on a character-limited text box. Plus, it's more complicated than just "I'm taking a break."

There are a few factors playing into this. One is that mostly nothing is keeping me here. I've tried starting threads with people, but either they aren't active, or I suppose the threads aren't keeping their attention much; I'm not sure. I'm not getting responses at all from anyone except, like, one person, and although it means a lot to me it really isn't very encouraging. I came here to this website to try and revive my interest in roleplaying, and though everyone has been incredibly kind and helpful, I've not been able to get a consistent thread going. Of course I won't deny my constant inactivity due to school and near-crippling self-doubt, but even going past that I can't bring myself to care about threads that I used to worry so much over that I see my partner is just ... not responding to, for one reason or another. I suppose it's just been poor luck combined with my pickiness.

In any case, I am taking an official "break" from this website. I sort of already have been, since I really am only online for about 2 seconds to check to see if anyone's responded - I'm just making it official now in case people do respond and am confused as to where I am. I don't know when I'll be back. Could be a couple months, a couple years, or maybe I won't come back at all. I am getting a lot of storytelling satisfaction from DnD at my college. Maybe I'll come back if it doesn't work out after I graduate. Maybe I'll be too busy with my irl job. Maybe in 2 days I'll find the perfect roleplaying partner and suddenly become super active again. I don't know. All I do know is that I'm very tired of coming back to almost nothing, as well as constantly feeling like I can't measure up to posts.

So, goodbye, for now at least. I wish you all the best. :)


roll me up and smoke me, love.
Good luck in all your future endeavors! We all need a break sometime. Take care of yourself. :)



I don't think I really like role-playing anymore. I've been trying to get back into it, but replies seem like chores, and I have zero motivation for any of the stories that I have anymore. It's really a shame because I was trying for so long to get into it while I was motivated. But starting up again I just do not have anything left in me. I'm just tired. I wish I could keep going but I can't. I appreciate this site being available to me when my old roleplaying site, and people are nice here, but I think that it just wasn't a great fit.

Anyway, all that aside, I appreciate the experience here. Much of my sadness and disappointment comes from personal experience and history more than what actually happened on this site. That all being said I'm likely going to leave. I'll message those who I want to stay in contact with, because I have made friends here. Not sure if I'll delete my account or not. I'll probably wait a bit before I do, if I do that.

Anyway. Thank you all.