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I'm a vore enthusiast. Ask me anything!


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Hey there!

My name is BoscerFine, I've been on Umbra since April. Over time, as I started to learn more about myself, I did a dive into the vore community and discovered that I actually quite enjoyed it. I was aware that the community had a frankly terrible reputation for sadism and death and such; but I didn't know exactly how different the various types of vore could be.

So, I'm here to mostly debunk a lot of the 'myths' surrounding the vore community, and I figured a good place to start before questions would be some FAQ.

First off, the primary Forms of vore. They can be distilled down to three types;

Endosoma - Keeping the prey inside of the pred's body without digestion; almost always harmless. Often referred to as 'endo' or even 'extreme cuddling'.
Digestion with Reformation - The prey is digested and added to the predator's body, but is eventually brought back. Often referred to as 'reformation' or simply 'safe digestion'.
Digestion without Reformation - The prey is digested and does not come back; they are permanently part of the predator that consumed them. Often referred to as "fatal" or "perma", depending on the context.

Now, all three of these can be performed with a variable range of emotion. Endosoma usually entails bringing the prey into the predator either for safety or physical closeness, hence the occasional nickname of 'extreme cuddling'. Reformation is often used when the predator wants to treat their prey more like a meal, often as a form of domination, but doesn't want to keep them forever. Permanent digestion is the act of keeping the prey inside the predator forever, made a part of them. Sometimes it's a unique form of intimacy - giving oneself up to their predator - but more often than not it's because they're simply a meal in the predator's eyes.

With the Forms out of the way, now we move on to Methods. There are a few common ones, a couple uncommon ones, and quite a few very unusual ones.

The common Methods are as follows;

Oral Vore - Wherein the prey is consumed through the mouth, often taken to the stomach. If the prey isn't swallowed, it's referred to as Maw Play.
Unbirth - Wherein the prey is consumed through the vaginal cavity, and often placed in the womb.
Anal Vore - Wherein the prey is sat on or otherwise inserted into the rectum; occasionally moves up to the stomach through the 'backdoor', so to speak.
Cock Vore - Wherein the prey is consumed via a penis, usually shrunken down but not always, and carried to the testicles.

The uncommon Methods are as follows;

Breast Vore - Wherein the prey is consumed via the nipple and held in the predator's breast. Often requires two preys, but not always.
Absorption - Wherein the prey is consumed straight through the skin, often becoming 'sticky' or 'melty' on the way in. Whether or not they stay that way depends on the Form.

And then a plethora of rare Methods which can range from anywhere to pores, hair, elbows, cleavage... essentially consumption through practically every entrance.

Sometimes sex can be done beforehand, sometimes masturbation is involved - that is left entirely up to the writing partners involved in the roleplay.

Finally, there are the basic Types of vore.

Same Size - Where predator and prey are the same size, often resulting in a swollen stomach.
Half Size - Where predator or prey is half the size of the other; usually the prey, but occasionally the predator. Results vary.
Macro/Micro - Where one is approximately one-fifth or smaller of their partner's size.

With the basic information covered, I hope you know a little more about the topic than just what's covered in common forums. Feel free to ask any questions you like, and I'll try to answer. I can't promise it'll be an immediate reply, but I hope I can resolve some uncertainties or mistruths about the community for you. Thank you for reading all the way to the end!


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All the vore I've casually come across in my travels has looked to me like it's just tentacle rape that takes place inside the monster rather than outside. Is that the core of it, or is that just the only form that isn't banned everywhere?

I note that there is a close link between the sex drive and the drive to eat, in that the Greek word 'eros' can mean both, in the sense of becoming one with something. Become one with a woman by having sex with her; become one with a cake by eating it. Cross the wires and you get vore, becoming one with a woman by eating her, and... American Pie.


Is there anything to that take?

Also, in the case of where the prey enters the predator through means other than the mouth, is it still correct to call them prey? Maybe parasite and host would be more appropriate terms, considering how cock vore sounds a lot like those tropical parasites that swim up your piss stream to infect you.

Absorption... all I can think about is the gelatinous cube from D&D



Nompfing cuties since 2022
Tentacle vore is indeed vore, but that is rarely the core of the genre as a whole. I wasn't actually aware vore was banned in many places, but yes, it's a fairly common type. Generally, vore has a focus on the act of consumption and what follows, whether that's intimacy or something else.

That's actually an excellent example of what makes digestion attractive for some! The concept of being literally one with their prey or their predator feels close and sincere. I once heard endosoma described as 'the closest hug imaginable'..

Prey is simply the term for whichever party is going inside the other, regardless of method; in the same way, predator is the title for the consumer of the prey.

As for the gelatinous cube from D&D, that's actually a solid comparison (pun not intended). Gelatinous cubes are fairly common in that genre, in fact - although in the case of endosoma, the gelatin is usually breathable. Thank you for asking!


PostFrog Extraordinaire
This is really cool and I am glad that you're here openly talking about things! I love when our members talk about things they are passionate about!

Now - does it always have to be something erotic? I know you mentioned the emotional aspect - but I think that, while it's not personally my interest, many people immediately assume that vore is something that's entirely sexual.


Nompfing cuties since 2022
I'm so glad you asked that, and thank you! No, vore is not always sexual. In fact, quite a few of the partners I've written it with are asexual. It's an unusual, granted, but effective way of attaining that sort of intense physical intimacy that sex often achieves, without needing to have sex. It's honestly really nice to have an outlet for that sort of need, because I do think that most people want to feel that sort of closeness with another person, whether that's a furry or a human or even a feral in some cases.

At any rate, what's important is that both partners both know what they want and how they want to get it. There's nothing more uncomfortable than going into a vore roleplay without knowing what you're getting into, and then getting blindsided halfway through. Much the same as if you were doing a standard role play with a standard set of kinks, and got blindsided by something that the other partner didn't tell you about.

TL;DR, no, vore is not always sexual. Sometimes it's just about intimacy with a partner without needing to have sex during it.
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