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Hello! I'm OneCuteCanine, but you can call me Canine.

I love all things nerdy and fun lol. I'm really big in Dungeons and Dragons rn, but I love all types of roleplay.

Adventure, action, medeival, modern, fantasy, romance, im down to roleplay! I can write in whatever pov is needed for the roleplay, though my preferences are 3rd person omniscient, and through a female's perspective. I can, and have written from the pov of males, females, humans, animals, and fantasy creatures. I also love description and being very detailed about emotion and setting in my writing!

I'd love for new writing friends and any invitations to write stories! Below, I will list the only things I will NOT write about for certain.

My only hard "no"s for writing are:
s*xual torture,
Zoophilia (animal-human relationships),
Pedophilia or anything involving a minor character that is anything but typical day-to-day interactions of neutral, pg-rated circumstance
Bathroom play

I can write as an allusion to previous s*xual trauma for character history, but will not write the act.

All main characters of mine will be at least 18 years of age, though most of them are in their twenties or thirties.
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Welcome to Umbra! Glad to have your addition to our merry band of writers here and I hope you enjoy yourself <3