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Firefly (Post canon, Original Characters)


This will be set in the Firefly Verse. The RP will pick up after the events of the movie, Serenity. I will not be using any of the comics material. All characters will be Original.

Crew (Owner State room (High Passage) + 4 Crew Cabins (Middle Passage))

Must Fill Slots
Owner / Captain (me)
First Mate (me)
The Owner fills the shoes of the Engineer.

Needed Slots
First slots to fill. With these filled the missions can begin.

Optional Slots (max 4)
Public Relations (translation - mercenary)
Cannon Fodder (translation - mercenary)
Any other slots we can think of.

For my part, I plan to run the Owners (married couple). They play their cards close to their chest, saying little about themselves. In fact, the condition of “no questions asked” and the wish to “avoid any Imperial entanglements” come up. They seem morally grey, with an eye toward humanity.

The ship is a heavily customized Series 3 Firefly. Serenity was a Series 3. The Series 4 began production Jul 16, 2513.

This will be a semi sandbox RP. I will be looking for the group to come up with the missions. Once the group has an outline, I will take over. The group can come up with NPCs. The “CS” for the NPC’s can be very basic - just brief descriptions. Or they can be complicated. The latter is preferred if the group wants a recurring NPC. Mission descriptions should include the Job, Reward, and Obstacles. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true …



No-homo sapiens
I've been trying to get into a Firefly group for like 10 years. Somehow it always fizzles out, like most group RPs do. But here's to trying again.

The op: "You lost everything in that battle. How did you ever go on?"
Mal: "If you're still standing there when that engine spins up, you never will figure it out"

I'd need some time to think about what kind of character I might play, but I recall some old sheets I made years ago, one for a pilot and one vague concept for a medic (I might try to flesh that one out more, now that I think of her).
I would be interested solely for the sake of it looking interesting, and my particular character being a good medic for the team, granted a little unhinged.


No-homo sapiens
Oops, I didn't notice this. I already got involved in a complicated group on a different site, so I won't have time for this group anymore.