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Event Rules and Standards

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The Shadow Broker
Events are meant to be fun but they still have some overarching rules that should be kept in mind. Without any ado:
  • All event submissions must follow the site rules and regs.
  • Please do not plagiarize your entry. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified and the culprit will not be allowed to participate in any other events that month.
    • After three attempts to submit plagiarized work the user will simply be banned from event participation entirely.
  • Keep it civil and do not criticize the work of others (unless invited).
  • The only two types of posts allowed in this forum are event announcements and event submissions.
  • Each event will have its own individual rules and requirements.
  • Events will run from the first Friday of the month to the first Friday of the next month.
  • The goal is to have fun.
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