December 2020 Site Update

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Welcome to Umbra Roleplaying!
We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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roll me up and smoke me, love.
Jun 12, 2019
neither here nor there.
December 2020
Site Update

Feel free to skip my pensive rambling. :)

Something I've been thinking about as we enter this final month of what is certainly going to be considered one of the most collectively stressful, perhaps even devastating, years in decades is how grateful I am to have a place where all the things cannot reach me. I know I'm not alone in the feelings of stress, fear, panic, and sadness I've experienced throughout 2020. I have had panic attacks about how I'm going to pay my rent, fears of getting sick and being unable to receive medical treatment if needed, stress over our ever increasingly hostile American social and political climate, worries about fires and deaths and dangerous propaganda, etc etc etc.

It's all been, like, a lot.

But having Umbra here, situated in its own little internet bubble, has been a needed and peaceful place to take a break. Whether you visit Umbra daily or every few weeks, whether you like to reach out to your fellow writers or stick to yourself, however you like to utilize Umbra and your stories and writing partners, I hope its given you a moment to breathe.

Where I live has gone into full lockdown/quarantine again due to the staggering amount of positive Covid-19 cases we've recently seen in the last month, so I'll be spending quite a lot of time on my computer (I say that as if I don't already do), and perhaps you're in a similar situation. If you are in an area where things only seem like they're getting worse, please do your Umbra family a favor and take care of yourself.

Be safe. Be careful. Wear a mask. All the things.

Blegh. Okay. Feelings over. Who needs those, anyway?

Here is some stuff:

Umbra Holiday Card Exchange

For anyone feeling festive this year, I will be hosting a Holiday Card Exchange. This is a small opportunity for anyone wishing to spread some cheer around (or to simply receive some themselves) to get in on the wintery action.

Those participating in sending cards will be encouraged to create their own digital holiday card to be sent to other Umbranites. Not up for creating your own but still interested in participating? No problem! Sometimes we all just need a little joy in our inboxes. You're welcome to sign up even if you don't plan on creating a card of your own.

I will also be sending out a small amount of physical holiday cards to all those interested.

If you'd like to join in, please fill out this form.

Book of the Month

@Rei has chosen the Book of the Month for December! Something to not only lighten your spirits, but something surprisingly relevant for the current landscape...

Chuck Tingle's "Not Pounded By Anything While I Practice Responsible Social Distancing"


To join this month's Book Club and get more information, check out the official Umbra Literature Society Thread.

Game Night

Game Nights are still going strong, everyone! We've done everything from Uno, to Battleship, to Codenames, to Among Us, to online escape rooms, and more! Come join in us in the Discord Server and enjoy the chaos.

Upcoming Game Nights:
  • Saturday, December 12th at 4PM PST / 7PM EST (Host: @Nyctibius)
  • Friday, December 18th at 8PM PST / 11PM EST (Host: @Rei)
  • Saturday, December 26th at 4PM PST / 7PM EST (Host: @Nyctibius) - Due to this date being right after Christmas, it is currently unconfirmed. We'll play this one by ear and see how everyone's feeling.
Further information about Game Night can be found here.

December Writing Prompt

All those looking for some winter inspiration, check out @Merra's gorgeous thread. This month's prompt: Family.

Remember, all writing prompts are saved in our Writing Prompt Archive! Be sure to peruse whenever you're in need of a little writing kick!

That's all for now, writers! I'm sure we'll be bothering you again before this horrendous year is out. Take care of yourselves and keep on writing.


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