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Goodbye Dead role play website

Yep, it's come to this. What's the point of role-playing with people if they aren't going to let you know what they are doing outside of role-playing. I thought I had a good role play going on, until I get no response from that person (not naming anybody). Then yesterday I started a new search, no fucking response to that either. I gave it time overnight, checked my alerts, nothing. Then I looked around, finding out that everyone loves to sexualise things that are not meant to be sexualised. What the fuck is wrong with those people, I don't have a clue. I'll be deleting my account a hour after this is posted. Absolute dead website for role play. Also, people hate vampire x human and female x female. So yeah, bye. Fuck this website, who even enjoys it.


PostFrog Extraordinaire
Hi there.

I am sorry this is your experience.

Our community is made of individuals with a variety of outside experiences and expectations.

You were given specific feedback on how to make your RT more appealing to get responses from others.

You have been a member of this site for less than a week and have taken little feedback intended to help you. Instead blaming your age for the lack of interest from others.

Your words are hurtful as this is a community I’m trying to grow, and they are out of line with what we will tolerate here.

I wish you the best.



Finding good RP fits takes time sometimes, lots of communication, and sometimes it simply doesn't work out. Lots of reaching out to people, putting yourself out there and compromises. But when you manage to find a great fit, it makes it worth all the efforts. It might take weeks before finding it, though, so patience is your friend.

I don't think bashing the site is necessary. The team works their butts off to make this place somewhere that we can all enjoy and they don't deserve such words. Not everything is everyone's cup of tea, which is fine; but insulting/attacking people isn't.

I hope you find whatever you're looking for out there.
Things take time. I mean honestly it's just those keywords someone is looking for and what limits don't over step theirs. I always take the time to brain storm before just jumping into a role play. I reach out to anyone that I feel appeals to me. As everyone should. Things either work out or don't. But I understand the frustration. Everyone wants to write and experience things. Hope that individual finds what they are looking for.


#1 Malz na (real)
Honestly this person seems like a nightmare to roleplay with...... I think I know who they're vaguing here and I know that person has a life outside of roleplaying, the fact that they've only been a member for less than a week n already left bc of how "dead" this site is tells numbers on how impatient they are as a person. Honestly good riddance kekw


It's unfortunate that these things happen. RPing is filled with communication and talking things out, like planning. When I start a story, I believe it is so key to have that conversation with my partner and talk about what we want to happen.

I have been an roleplayer for nearly seven years and there is one common story that I write about, but sometimes I can go weeks or months as well with no action. During the time, I just stay as active as I can and not just 'hide in a corner' and wait patiently.

To everyone involved, you make Umbra a fun place to be and meet new people and enjoy some great writing. It's not just a writing site to me, it's a place to connect with new people that have the same basic goals as you...writing a good story! Erotic or plot-driven. Being someone who has suffered from shyness and anxiety for so many years, this is a welcome.


Cure For Fantasy their isn't one.
I mean when I first signed up for the site I felt impatient at some point but I was smart enough to know that you have to be patient it takes time to find a writing partner. I found one by looking then a few weeks later another person contacted me for a roleplay and we get along very well and are writing a good story. It really isn't a big deal just wait if your to shy to contact. I know Lady Mothra told me this site is small so not a lot of members which is expected but you can still find partners to write with regardless of how small or big the site is. Like I said just a matter of patience.