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Fandom Bunch O' Fandoms (FxM & FxF- Doubling Preferred!)

My preference on communication:
Please contact me via Direct Message (link)
Hi! I'm new here so here's a little bit of an introduction. I'm Minotaur but you can call me Mino if you'd like!
I prefer discord over everything but I am happy to stay here in PMs!
I'm 23 years old & I work full-time, so please be patient with me when it comes to the frequency of my replies. I'm ghosting-friendly as well!
I'm located in the EST time zone!
I usually write anywhere from 2-10 paragraphs per side depending on the scene and my inspiration and I always, always, write in 3rd Person POV.
If you'd like to know anything else, just ask!

As for plots, I’d prefer to double so both of us get what we’re looking for and I’d like to make a storyline together!

My Fandom List:
Key: The more * there are, the more I'm craving it

Game Of Throne/House Of The Dragon*******
Harry Potter****
The Boys******
The Walking Dead*****
Criminal Minds*********
The 100*****
New Girl**

Characters I'm Searching For- Breakdown Per Fandom:
Game Of Thrones:

Jon Snow*********
Robb Stark********
Tyrion Lannister******
Jaime Lannister*****
The Hound****
Daenerys Targaryen****
House Of the Dragon:
Daemon Targaryen*********
Jacaerys Velaryon*****
Aemond Targaryen****
Rhaenyra Targaryen***
Sam Winchester*****
Dean Winchester*****
Harry Potter:
Harry Potter********
Draco Malfoy****
The Boys:
Billy Butcher********
The Walking Dead:
Daryl Dixon*****
Rick Grimes****
Criminal Minds:
Spencer Reid******
Aaron Hotchner****
Jennifer Jareau****
Emily Prentiss**
The 100:
Bellamy Blake******
New Girl:
Nick Miller****
Jasper Hale******
Emmett Cullen****
Edward Cullen****
Carlisle Cullen*****
Charlie Swan***

Who I can Play For You:
Literally Anyone! Just ask!

Please let me know of any triggers I should be aware of! Thank you for stopping by!​
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