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Welcome to Umbra Roleplaying!
We are an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying and writing community open to writers of all types.
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General Questions
Just run of the mill questions!

My verification badge is missing/How do I get a verification badge?
With our update, the verification process has changed and Leadership Staff cannot manually apply the verification badge to users. Please remember that this is a voluntary system.

Please submit a verification request - found by clicking the text in the dropdown when you click on your name in the top right of our site.

Image of drop down.
To know what information is needed - please look at the Age Verification Guidelines
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Why do some users have different colored names?
On Umbra site roles are designated by coloration. Blue for admin, red for mods, and purple for helpers. Here’s what each role is capable of doing*:

Administrators can do pretty much anything, from changing display names to adjusting personal details like e-mails and birthdays;

Moderators can move posts from forum to forum as needed, as well as help process onsite reports;

Helpers/Assistants can answer any questions you may have or notify mods/admin as needed.

Welcome Wagon Drivers are here to welcome new members to our site and to give a shining smile when people join our community!

Forum Specialists is a specialized moderation role. They are here to help with everyday needs around the site, such as moving/merging threads, and answering questions about site rules!

* Users with golden names are Supporters and not on the Umbra staff
To have an understanding of our current Leadership team, check out this thread here (click this link)
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Where are the rules for our site located?
Right here!

Link to Rules
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How can I best help support the site?
There are lots of ways - being active is one, welcoming fellow members as they join us in the Introductions area of the site is one.

If you have artistic talent and would be interested in being an art supporter on the site message one of the members of the leadership team to connect.

Voting for us in the various websites, and sharing through word of mouth is a great help.

Finally, the most blunt of them all - financially - We do this 'pro bono' and Rei does a lot out of pocket to support the site. If you are interested in helping in that regard, feel free to donate to one of our site campaigns - everything submitted will be used to benefit the site in new features or general upkeep. For a list of maintenance costs click here
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How do I get those fun badges/medals I am seeing on other users profiles?
Some of these medals are awarded for specific actions, like voting or contributing art. Any of the 'Just for Fun' Badges can be requested using this form!
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What is Umbra's stance on using Discord for Roleplay?
While we recognize that everyone has the right to make their own choices as adults, the Umbra Leadership Team will not be held responsible for interactions between users offsite. The only time this is different is when the safety of members may be threatened.
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Technical Concerns

I'm seeing the old Umbra site and no update, what do I do?
Here are a couple of steps that you can take to clean up what’s going on in the background.

1. Clear cookies and browser cache. Directions here

2. Flush your computer's DNS cache. Directions here (iOS, Windows, Android).

If you run a Mac OS - please follow these instructions instead.
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Why do I sometimes get incorrect SSL certificate details for my subdomain?
This occurs when the certificate for security on the site is unable to contact your ISP - this can fix over time, but you can also take these steps to clear the SSL. Instructions
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Why can't I send direct conversation messages?

To protect our community from spambots and other concerns, our update has put measures in place to prevent users with no public content from sending direct messages to others.

To address and fix this, users must make at least one post in the public forums. We recommend using the introductions forum to do this!

Click here to post!
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Why can I not reply to my own Request Thread?
Our new button-based bumping system replaces the reply bumping system, where you would need to write text and post a reply, which would move your thread to the top. Leadership is in the process of attempting to find a happy medium between allowing user replies and ensuring that bumps are the primary method of organizing threads.

For now - this is our solution to accomplish this.

At the top of your thread, you will see something like this:

Top of thread showing the 'Bump Thread' option.

That 'Bump Thread' button is all you need to click to move your post to the top of the thread list in the RT area.

You still have access to editing your original post - but until I can find the best way to balance user replies and our bumping button - the post reply function has been removed in the RT areas.

Please don't panic if you see that! It is not a bug, and you are not in trouble/being muted!

That button will do everything you need!
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How do I remove the Discord widget in the bottom right?
Under your account Privacy settings, there is an option to disable the widget.
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Forum Extras
Questions on Forum bonus items (smilies, bbcode, etc.)

What BBCode is available to me on this site?
Take a peek on over at our BBCode List Page. Leadership is doing their best to update this as new items are added, but this breaks down all the options provided in terms of BBCode. If there is something you'd like to see, put it into our Forum Suggestion/Request area!
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What emojis/smilies are available to me on the site?
There's a whole bunch! Pop on over to The Smilies Page to see what is available to you! If you want to suggest something, toss it on over to the Suggestion and Request Forum
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Are you working on 'x' site upgrade?
Take a gander at our suggestions forum. to see if it has been mentioned in our suggestions. If you don't see it? Put it in there and we'll see what we can do!
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